Salvation will come ONLY BY THE LORD


 Isaiah 45

18 For this saith the Lord (that created heaven, God himself that formed the earth, and made it: he that prepared it, he created it not in vain: he formed it to be [t]inhabited) I am the Lord, and there is none other.

19 I have not spoken in secret, neither [u]in a place of darkness in the earth: I said not in vain unto the seed of Jacob, Seek you me: I the Lord do speak righteousness, and declare righteous things.

20 Assemble yourselves, and come: draw near together, [v]ye abject of the Gentiles: they have no knowledge, that set up the wood of their idol, and pray unto a god, that cannot save them.

21 Tell ye and bring them, and let them take counsel together, who hath declared this from the beginning, or hath told it of old? Have not I the Lord? and there is none other God beside me, a just God, and a Savior: there is none beside me.

22 Look unto me, and ye shall be saved: all [w]the ends of the earth shall be saved: for I am God, and there is none other.

23 I have sworn by myself: the word is gone out of my mouth in [x]righteousness, and shall not return, That every [y]knee shall bow unto me, and every tongue shall swear by me.

24 Surely [z]he shall say, In the Lord have I righteousness and strength: he shall come unto him, and all that [aa]provoke him shall be ashamed.

25 The whole seed of Israel shall be justified, and glory in the Lord.


  1. Isaiah 45:18 To wit, of men, but chiefly of his Church.
  2. Isaiah 45:19 As do the false gods, which give uncertain answers.
  3. Isaiah 45:20 All ye idolaters which though you seem to have never so much worldly dignity, yet in God’s sight you are vile and abject.
  4. Isaiah 45:22 He calleth the idolaters to repentance, willing them to look unto him with the eye of faith.
  5. Isaiah 45:23 That is, that the thing which I have promised shall be faithfully performed.
  6. Isaiah 45:23 The knowledge of God and the true worshipping shall be through all the world, Rom. 14:11Phil. 2:10, whereby he signifieth that we must not only serve God in heart, but declare the same also by outward profession.
  7. Isaiah 45:24 Meaning, the faithful shall feel and confess this.
  8. Isaiah 45:24 All the contemners of God.
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