Registration to our site is the only way you maybe able to use our site.  you are not prhibited from reading some areas though, we make various areas public to share with everyone so they can decide for themselves if they want to join in, and to also share gods word.


Here is the simple steps for all.

1 click on create account (see below Login form (to the left)

2. Create your account using the form and security features (we do so to limit spam user accounts as much as possible)

3 after you hit submit or enter, check your e mail for e mail verify (check spam or junk mail to)

4. verify your e mail address then you should be able to log in after you verify your account (also do this step to make sure ITS YOU that signed up and not a bot)

5. after you login, you are able to post and create a topic in any of our forum boards to start a thread. 

***  if you do not recieveany e mail verification to create your account please e mail us through the contact us form above)

6a...   We have set up a chatroom to also use which is a separate registration, but we have multiple rooms for live chat as well please join us as we also get those going

6b.. INVITE YOUR FRIENDS TO OUR SITE HERE,  we are not apart of facebook, except through our page... We are our own christian community.


we do incourage those to be active members and help us grow, with friends, new believers, those returning to their faith in christ, and those not sure but want to learn more..


Thank You and Enjoy




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