These are Articles about My Lords Ministries. A Christian community here.  We share here things that a visitor or member may wish to learn about our Community Site....


WE BELIEVE - in the verbal and complete inspiration of the Bible: both the Old and New Testaments. We use only the King James Version of the Bible in English Services, or the Geneva Bible 1599 version..

WE BELIEVE - in one eternal God existing in Three Persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. (Trinity) (John 1:1)

WE BELIEVE - in the Deity of Christ; His virgin birth; His blood atonement; His bodily resurrection; His glorious ascension into Heaven and personal, bodily return.

WE BELIEVE - that all men are sinners by nature and the only way for salvation and reconciliation with God is through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. (John 3:16-17, John 14:6)

WE BELIEVE - that the ministry of the church is to win the lost to Christ and build them up in faith and holiness. _____________________________________________________________________________________

Though most members of this site may not use the King James Version of the Holy Bible, it is my primary bible of choice, we also will use the Geneva Bible 1599  or a more current version of the bibles to show the difference


We may add to this, so please check back…


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A Christian Community Site


How to Get started

A few steps are needed to get started

Choose a reasonable username that you like, and pw. (WRITE THEM DOWN)

After registering you will receive an e mail verification from the my lords ministry site, THIS MUST BE Dealt with for you to be allowed to login and use the site      Please send an e mail back to the site admin to explain that you have done the ABOVE Step…   AFTER YOU HAVE DONE THIS,  (you may need to go to contact us on the top menu, then Contact us,  and send an e mail to an admin,  your approval should take less than 24 hours) Then come back, and you should able to login and use the full site.

After you verify who you are, an admin will double check your registration onto the site (and make sure you are not spam as much as possible) and then app


After you Login  

Set up your profile even add a photo (look to the left menu bar and find member profile and edit it)

Please fill in all profile fields possible


(Be checking for additional profile fields as you login at times, we are constantly working on improving the site)



Start using the forums write topics in their proper sections. Threads maybe adjusted and new topics may come out of adjustments to a thread

You can SUBMIT articles (different from Topics but similar (they appear on the main site structure)) with permission

Submit Calendar events on anything within reason, church events ministry events etc

Submit websites with a description for it

As we get our photo gallery going you may be permitted to add pictures to our galleries

Use the private messenger to start contacting fellow members and build your contact list

Click on any Latest Forum topic to comment or Latest Article to read or Comment from our home page

Check out our SITE BLOG Sections, some topics you are able to comment on   and see what we have that may be able to help you

INVITE YOUR FRIENDS  share our site with Your Friends and encourage them to join you here on my lords’ ministries.

If you have any questions please use, the contact us link to send us a message with your question



ps at present some ouf our site is still being adjusted and not all members will be able CREATE ARTICLES, however all registered members are able to post and create topics in our forums right away...  if you are serious about helping us grow we appreciate it, we are able to create blog sections and many other things within our site structure...



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These are bibles used with MylordsMinistries...  

you may ask WHY these Bibles, the KJV and the Genevia Bible Before that,

simple reason is because in the United States of America, when the pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock and the early dats they used the Geneva Bible, thus BEFORE 1611

The KJV will also be used and shared with maybe 1 or 2 others...

But PRIMARY BIBLES... Geneva and KJV to show the difference over todaysversions that came through the years SINCE the settlement and discovering of America...

We how you will Enjoy the use of them and seeing the difference with whatever bible YOU  use today




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